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Some of my custom guns

I'm a FT shooter in the US and here are some of my custom FT guns and stock FT guns past and present.

FAC CRX, in a Brian Diederich stock, custom bedding, now in a leupold comp 35X

Me shooting My MAC1 USFT, a completely custom gun from the US with a Big Nikko.  Ugly as sin but boy can they shoot.

A fully custom Macarri TX200 MKIV with a tasco custom shop 8-40x56.

Anshutz 2002, modified by Allen Zasadny here in the US with a Hakko 8-34x56.

Stock Falcon FN-19TR with bushy 4200 6-24x40.

Air Arms MPR-FT with all the factory trimmings with a bushy 4200 8-32x40.

My favorite out of these?  The CR-X by far, Love the stock, and for it's low state of customization it beats the pants of my other very expensive custom guns.   Thank god for british airgun engineering, oops and for Brian and his american woodworking Laughing .

Welcome aboard Jon, some interesting looking guns there!


Some very nice stuff there mate, I must say..

well mate i,m very impressed a very nice colection u have there  Very Happy

Well it's not all the collection I once had, I just showed the custom FT guns.

Here's the rest since I love flaunting pretty air guns.

AA 410 .22 sidelever in walnut w/ leup 6.5-20efr

Daystate Airranger .20 w/BSA 4-16  (this is one awesome gun in FAC)

Customized Bam B50 in .177

AA 400 classic .22 in beech

Bam B51 .22

Highly modified airforce talon .22 (almost 50 FPE with kodiaks)

HW97 .20

Craptastic gamo shadow .177 (I gve this one away, nobody would buy it) Forum Index -> Custom airgun gallery
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